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Interpretive Links

Fantastic site with a huge variety of teaching dossiers

Great site w/ categorized & leveled videos - $99/yr

Amazing site w/ads, news, songs, trailers...
Great site for teaching w/many listening resources w/support
Magazine pédagogique w/great teacher support

Le magazine de notre planète

great listening/reading on social media w/activities from TV5
AATF Youtube site (click badge  -  AATF Wakelet (click this link)

Numerous conversations + more

Site featuring many authentic conversations
Great site for all levels w/listening and reading w/great teacher support
Categorized videos, podcasts on all topics from French TV and radio
Tons of listening resources on varied topics for all levels
Links to great sites for all skills - select "écouter"
Large selection of updated ads and videos
Good selection of various types of videos
Series of listening exercises
Great way to allow students to better understand the news - $
Videos with teacher support
Videos at the National Film Board of Canada
Wonderful site for listening & reading African stories
Huge assortment of dictées
Large selection of listening at various levels
15 categories of French dialogues w/transcripts (& much more)
Good variety of podcasts - current news is featured
Canadian videos & podcasts galore
Best podcast list!!
Great site with hundreds of instructional videos
Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 11.34.56

large selection of videos categorized by subject and level w/quizzes!

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 11.46.19

large collection of themed videos- check the entire site for many more resources

Great collection of podcasts that are very comprehensible

Reading Links

Good selection of cultural readings
Wonderful multi-leveled reading resources - site is under construction
Assorted level readings w/audio
Country lists of newspapers
Huge collection of audible literature
Thousands of texts online
Internet magazine
Listening - vocabulary and more for pre-AP levels
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