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Activity on the Environment

Theme:  Global Challenges - Les Défis Mondiaux

Focus:  The environment and global warming - L'environnement et le changement climatique

Essential Questions:  How is our environment changing?  What are the causes and solutions?

Introduction:  This activity will help students in French III to become familiar with the environmental challenges of today’s world.  The activity is based on the French music video “Aux Arbres Citoyens” by Yannick Noah.

Background information – Students will be given a list of terms relating to the environment and global warming (just below).  They will watch a 1minute 42 second introductory video entitled "C'est quoi, le changement climatique?" to set the tone and establish a frame of reference for the upcoming tasks.

Terms relating to the environment
Teacher provides the basic background of the artist, Yannick Noah, including information about his two careers and current social activism.
Facts about the artist, Yannick Noah
Tâche #1
Students brainstorm (in French) as many terms as possible that relate to the word “tree” and what trees represent in today's world to connect students to song themes and learn new terms
Teacher resource - expressions relating to trees

Students will watch this brief video describing climate change (le changement climatique) which will be followed by a task

Tâche #2
Décrivez 2 problèmes et 1 solution selon cette vidéo au sujet du changement climatique

The title "Aux Arbres Citoyens" was inspired by the line "Aux Armes Citoyens" that comes from the French national anthem, La Marseillaise. That line appears at the 2m50 point of the following video.

Listening / Watching of Aux Arbres Citoyens

Students watch video while identifying vocabulary terms

A second playing is recommended

Tâche #3
Tâche #4
Tâche #5
Paroles pour la chanson "Aux Arbres Citoyens"
Décrivez en détail 3 problèmes de l'environnement vus dans cette vidéo
Créez 5 phrases "vrai / faux" au sujet de cette vidéo
Teacher resource - 5 phrases "vrai - faux"
Tâche #6
Décrivez un problème de l'environnement de notre région ou de notre pays
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