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Assorted French Sites that do not fit in my other categories

Vocabulary site w/ 109 categories!
Select "français" in top left index - tons of vocabulary and activities
Huge list of transition words that glues language together
Huge site w/videos supported w/great activities and worksheets
Also select "langue française" on top menu then "enseigner" in dropdown
USC French site w/good variety of resources
SUNY Cortland French link site - check "voyage virtuel" bottom right
Vocabulary for early levels
Fantastic resourcesof all kinds w/great teacher support
Large list of French idioms
Hilarious take on American nursery rhymes
Funny québecois videos - search "willy waller" for their classic
Thorough culture site w/ample listening resources on varied topics

Searchable site with statistics for practically everything

Huge variety of resources
great site for news and graphs (tab "infographics")
Rich cultural site categorized by francophone country w/listening and reading
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